About Topo Profiler (en)

Topo Profiler is an iPhone app to show a topographic profile along a path on a map.

You can investigate an overview of topographic profile between two points or elevation data along arbitrary paths on the map that include driving and walking routes.


* Topo Profiler shows a graph of elevation data along a measuring path, which is made by connecting added way points.

* The graph is colored with gradations based on elevation values.

* The way points are connected by either a straight line or a route along roads.

* The measuring path can have multiple way points. Both straight lines and routes can be used in the same path.

* By tapping a pin in the path, you can see data values at a corresponding way point, which include map distance from the start point along the path, elevation, latitude and longitude of the point.

* You can see a correspondence between a graph point and a point on the path on the map. When you tap the interior of a graph flame, a tapped point is shown in the graph and a pin appears at the corresponding point on the path.

* Topo Profiler supports both portrait and landscape orientations.

* You can choose meter/kilometer or feet/mile as units of distance and elevation.

* You can fix range of elevation value which is represented in the graph.

Important Notice

* Topo Profiler requires network connection to work since it obtains data of maps, elevation and route via Internet.

* The data of elevation and route are obtained using Google Elevation API and Google Directions API, respectively.

* The usage of Google Elevation API is limited to 25000 data points per 24 hours for each global IP address connecting to the service. This value corresponds to about 150 times of showing profiles per 24 hours in the default setting (150 sampling points). (Since usage restriction is applied to each global IP address connecting to the service and not to an individual device, it should be noted that there is possibility that the usage of the service is refused even if usage times on the device does not exceed the limit if a network does not assign a fixed global IP address. )

* There is no assurance of accuracy of the elevation data and the accuracy may not be sufficiently high.(It may include an errors on the order of 10m or so.) Therefore, please DON'T use this app for making important decisions.