Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Topo Profiler 3.3 released (en)

Topo Profiler 3.3 is released and is available in App Store.

This version is mainly for fixing issues and for improvement of stability of the app. 
This version fixes a crash which occurs after an OVER_QUERY_LIMIT error dialog (which could happen if too many points are added to a path) is shown. It also fixes an issue that the app could be terminated by the system due to memory shortage under iOS7 if there are many (over about 50) points in a path.  It also reduces time of loading a bookmark for a path of many points

Please send your feedbacks by leaving comments or sending us e-mail. If you write a review of the app in AppStore, it would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hi, I just downloaded your app and am finding it really useful. Unfortunately, I have discovered one little bug. In Settings, when you turn on "Fix Range" and then "Edit", a bar comes up at the bottom of the screen that you can't do anything with, or even get out of, and you have to force quit the app and go back in. Thanks again for the cool app!

  2. I find this app really informative, interesting and even useful, but it doesn’t support iOS 11 on both iPhone and iPad. When trying to make a graph of the measured route, this error message is showing up:

    “ERROR The server rejected the request. Total queries in past 24 hours may exceed the limit, or it may be judged that too many requests were sent in a short time. Error code is OVER_QUERY_LIMIT”

    It also doesn’t save any settings when launching next time.
    Please update and fix it! I hope my information can be of some use for you.