Friday, July 20, 2012

Topo Profiler 2.2 Released (en)

Topo Profiler 2.2 is released and now available in AppStore.
This update add new features "Range selection mode in a profile" and "Basic current location tracking".
"Range selection mode in a profiler" is a mode to select a range in a profile when tapping in a graph. Corresponding data (distance, height difference,...) to selected region is also shown in a label. By "Basic tracking current location" feature, it is now possible to show a current location on a map. If the current location is on a path, a point corresponding to current location is shown on a profile.
In this update, new option "show overall data of path" is added. It is for showing basic data (total distance, height difference) of a path when its profile is shown.

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  1. New features in 2.2 are even more helpfull for planning bike rides . However, I would still love to see all of the accumulated elevation gain and loss totals along a profile or section, not just the elevation differences between two points. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you very much for using Topo Profiler.

      We're now considering a feature to show a cumulative elevation gain of a path. Since a calculation of it is not straightforward (for example, it depends on a sampling pitch on the path, a threshold value for an elevation difference which should be counted, and etc.), we can't tell when the version with the feature will be released. Please be patient until a development is completed.

      Topo Profiler Team