Friday, July 20, 2012

Topo Profiler 2.2 リリース (ja)

Topo Profiler 2.2をリリースしました。AppStoreで入手可能になっています。



  1. Hello and thank you for the great app. It is very useful. If I may humbly offer a few suggestions for how to make it even more cool:

    1. It would be very useful if the app would calculate the cumulative vertical gain along a path in addition to the net gain. For example, looking at your horseshoe bend sample path, the app reports the max diff as 500m. Clearly though, any poor hiker who follows that path will climb more than 500m many times over as he alternately descends into the canyon and climbs out the other side. If the app could identify those segments of the path that are gaining in elevation and add the up, it would provide users with an idea of how much climbing (I.e. effort) is really involved with the path. This would be extremely useful when planning and comparing different routes as it would allow the user to select routes with the minimum vertical gain.

    2. Speaking of comparisons, it would be nice if, once you've gotten the cumulative elevation function complete, if users could plot several routes and then compare them based on horizontal distance and cumulative elevation gain. This would help the user choose the best route among several options -- there is a market for this among the orienteering and adventure racing crowd.

    3. Special bonus points if, after 1 and 2, you can make the app display the magnetic bearing and distance of each leg of the path!

    Again, this is a great app. Thanks...just some ideas is all.

    1. Thank you very much for using Topo Profiler. We are really pleased to hear that the app is useful for you.

      We appreciate your sincere suggestions. As for a cumulative elevation gain of a path, we're now considering to add a feature to show it. Since calculation of it is not straightforward (for example, it depends on a sampling pitch on the path, a threshold value for an elevation difference which should be counted, and etc.), we can't tell when the version with the feature will be released. Please be patient until a development is completed.

      Regarding comparisons, it would be great to have the feature like you suggested. However, at present, we can't make any promise since it needs a lot of work including internal design change of the app. It will be challenging for us to add the feature keeping the app's simplicity and easiness.

      Anyway, we really appreciate your feedbacks. Thank you very much.

      Topo Profiler Team