Friday, September 21, 2012

Topo Profiler 3.0 Released (en)

Topo Profiler 3.0 is released and is available in App Store.

This update includes supports for iOS 6 and iPhone 5. It also includes some bug fixes which are reported by users. We appreciate your feedbacks.

Regarding iOS 6 supports, Apple changed a system's MapKit  to use their own map data instead of those of Google Maps from iOS 6. On the other hand, Topo Profiler uses elevation data of Google Maps Elevation API service and the service requires the app to show a map of Google Maps simultaneously when showing their elevation data. Then, to comply with the terms of services, the app was revised such that it shows Google Maps  even in iOS 6 environment using an embedded browser component UIWebView which loads Google Maps JavaScript API. In iOS 4 and 5 environments, the app uses a native MapKit.

Although the performance of JavaScript version of Google Maps is a little less than that of native MapKit version, we developed such that the new version's behavior and UI are almost the same as those of previous version.

Please send your feedbacks by leaving comments or sending us e-mail. If you write a review of the app in AppStore, it would be greatly appreciated.

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